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Training in the Value Methodologies
Course Descriptions

How to Incorporate "Strategic Innovation" Training Seminar
Many people wonder if the powerful forces of innovation can be harnessed into a consistent, repeatable process. Can team innovation be counted on as a reliable part of the project management process? This one day event will provide answers, insights and techniques you can take away to incorporate reliable and proven methods. And the best part… you can get real results in a condensed period of time. Join us for the day and explore the challenging and exciting world of strategic innovation.

Value Engineering
Pre-Event Workshop
(Also applied in Value Improving Practices as “Setting Business Priorities")
How To Get Extreme Value in 1 Day or Less
- Get clear focus of priorities for scoping; stakeholder and team member alignment
SAVE International Module 1 Ceritfication Workshop
For the AVS certification (Associate Value Specialist).
This course is sanctioned and certified by SAVE International as a prerequisite to AVS, VMP, and CVS Certification. Upon completing this course, you will have a thorough understanding of the Value Methodology, know when to use it and be able to assist in facilitating a Value Engineering workshop.
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Training Overview

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