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Gold Standard Development
Quality tools do not make a quality developer no matter how seemingly advanced they are. Or, as one very famous 7-time champion of the Tour de France succinctly stated, "It's not the bike."
In information technology, it's an unfortunate reality that the usage of more advanced tools and techniques can often be a more advanced way for developers to get into trouble.

Building winning enterprise solutions is more than just a simple craft. It is a precise science which is highly dependent on the disciplined implementation of internal development standards combined with high levels of “business-to-engineering” interaction.

It’s often difficult to quantify the skill levels of software developers, even for those of us who are involved in the industry professionally. Approaches that may seem cheap and easy on the surface often evolve into expensive blunders or complete failures. How often a project is embarked on in this way—“Oh, I know a guy who is a programmer. Let’s get him to do it.”

As a rule, solutions which are based on any range of shortcuts result in severe limitations in performance, flexibility and longevity. Classic trade-offs of time vs. quality are nearly universal unless you are dealing with an extremely high-level of expertise and very advanced forward thinking.

nwis.net brings ingenious tools and methods for speeding up the development of advanced, enterprise applications. This allows for a shorter construction cycle without any sacrifice in quality. Gold Standard Development is the only approach nwis.net takes to projects including utilization of a wide array of internal libraries and tools compiled over years of research, testing and implementation.


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