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VE Master
Value Engineering Software

VE Master is value engineering software that delivers enterprise level

VE Capability and VE Scalability for all industries.


VE Capability

  • Step-by-step guidance through reducing the dependency on experts / providing scalability
  • Extensive documentation providing guidance on how to use VE Master and apply VE
  • Extensive function database
  • Evaluate against competitor offerings


  • Configure workshop Walkthrough according to specific needs
  • Competitor Analysis  
  • Facilitate Brainstorming and building out ideas
  • Manage idea workflow across program
  • Collaboration
  • Knowledge Base for instant sharing of ideas across the enterprise
  • Documents meetings and findings
  • Schedule manager
  • Enterprise level security including granular/customizable control over user access to data and features

VE Scalability

  • Advanced Enterprise Software providing the means to scale up and out
  • Expand Capability – Leverage the VE Walkthrough guidance, full featured documentation on how to use VE Master as well as VE Best Practices, and VE Master’s advanced features enabling teams across the enterprise
  • Management – providing the ability to manage many users in many workshops across a large VE program while maintaining control of the workflows and deliverables in a consistent and repeatable manor
  • Collaboration – provides a means for people to work together developing ideas and share input and thoughts about the ideas
  • Security – Enterprise level security for both technologically and business strategy
  • Administration – A full featured admin module for managing users, roles and flexible permissions
Please contact us for more information and a demonstration:  info@nwis.net

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