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Data Integration
An Old Chinese Proverb:  The proud tree standing tall in the forest will topple over when a large storm strikes while the flexible willow reed will bend with the wind to survive and flourish.
This proverb is a good illustration of how resilient data integration can be as it functions and thrives within any modern information jungle. 

Like the proverbial proud and strong tree many application vendors believe that their solution can stand alone indefinitely regardless of the environment.  With the majority of cases that we have seen this is simply not true.

Speed and flexibility is always the key towards greater business adaptability.  In any scenario this can mean increased capabilities for your  departmental or organizational needs. 

These kind of demands place great emphasis on being able to effectively integrate the data between any two parties in order to meet a new competitive threat or to consolidate resources for a new market push.

The classic obstacles towards successful data integration has always centered around the ability to accurately define what the business and data vocabulary between two systems were. This was often compounded by a complete lack of useable documentation.

Creating integration projects based on open XML standards are a big step in the right direction but to truly be effective there needs to be real organizational expertise translated and built into the solution. nwis.net has the depth of expertise required to turn potential integration nightmares into dream opportunities.


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