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Travel & Tourism Industry
nwis.net has developed a significant number of Travel & Tourism Industry solutions that are all designed to serve the core goal of capturing more Pax business while at the same time greatly reducing cost and time associated with billing processing and accounting. A movement to consolidate and harness customer, or "Pax" information, will pave the way to generate additional hotel, airline or optional tour sales.
Most Pax information is completely under-utilized and results in lost sales and profits for tour operators and other service providers that cater to tourists.

Capturing and utilizing Pax information is a potential gold mine when one realizes that the average American enjoying an overseas vacation spends between $300 to $500 a day.  

Most American traveler's spending is done without any direct guidance from a tour operator. Therefore, the lack of involvement and under-utilization of Pax data becomes a giant lost sales opportunity.

International travel markets provide even greater potential opportunities. For example, Japanese outbound tourists average spending per person of $1,000 to $1,500 per day. A major contributing factor to the greater spending per person can be attributed to the guidance offered to the customer by professional agents regarding optional tours and other offerings.

Common business sense dictates that increasing the amount of cross sales for any business depends on how much business intelligence is put to use to mass customize additional offerings for the wide range of customers available.

To do this, tour operators, hotels, or airlines must be able to integrate their data systems into a tourism supply chain of Pax information which creates a supply chain of steady customers for any downstream tour businesses. Technical interfacing between these systems is only the beginning since various business process and political hurdles need to be dealt with in order to turn this into a reality.


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