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Application Development
The greatest mindset to overcome with application development is the belief that software driven solutions are a "reactive" rather then a "proactive" endeavor.  It's too often the status quo for a business to wait until a crisis happens and this in turn leads to  tremendous pressure being put into building a short term or band-aid fix.
This is perhaps the greatest reason as to why software project failure rates are surprisingly so high.

nwis.net created a proactive Triple-A methodology specifically to deal with this issue.  This consistently allows us to deliver high value and results for our clients.

How our Triple-A methodology applies to application development is as follows:


There is over a 10 to 1 ratio of cost and energy involved with locating and either correcting or weeding out bad data. In other words if it costs 1 dollar worth of time and energy to get an item of data into a system it will take over 10 dollars of resources to fix it if is bad.  No organization wants to waste valuable resources for this purpose and this is why nwis.net places strong emphasis on creating robust automated system data checks along with a management level validation process within our applications.


Accessibility is more then just about finding data and getting it to the right people. It involves the inclusion of many types of ancillary but equally important data that ordinary developers don't take into account. This is an important function to consider from the very start of the application design process.  Doing this allows nwis.net to create a "bigger net" to "catch", process, and organize larger volumes of data for later retrieval. 


A key characteristic of appropriateness is being able to consistently deliver the big picture for any point of focus such as for sales items, invoices, customers, vendors, and the overall status for your own business.  How complete the summary is on any of these items determines what your next best move is for satisfying a customer to achieving new record profits. 

Not only is each component important but often the relationship it has with other components provides more valuable information. It is this ability to illustrate relationships which is a fundamental part of what nwis.net applications deliver.


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