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Energy Industry
The biggest industry in the world quite naturally has the greatest information processing requirements in existence. nwis.net targets certain aspects of this vast industry in ways that bring value and bottom-line results to its clients. Some solutions to date focus on how to manage data more efficiently while others harness complex processes and methodologies for the benefit of the client.
Data Standards

nwis.net is a key participant and supporter of the Land Data Transfer Initiative (LDTI), which was established with the intent of creating an industry-wide standard for sharing and transferring land data from one entity or system to the next.  George Padvorac (partner in nwis.net) is Chairman of the Technology Committee. 

Participation in this group allows nwis.net to be on the cutting edge of energy data integration issues including the use of XML standards.

Value Engineering/Value Management

Another key group that nwis.net is actively involved with is the Houston Chapter of SAVE International (www.value-eng.org), the international organization for Value Engineering.  Craig Squires (partner in nwis.net) is the Chapter President.

Value Engineering (VE) or Value Management (VM), as it is commonly known, has been an engineering solutions staple within the Energy Industry for more than fifty years. Several years ago, nwis.net embraced the utilization of VE/VM methods during all phases of analysis and development. Since then, nwis.net has emerged as one of the pioneers in integrating this important methodology with the development of software applications.

Acquisitions & Divestures

Of particular interest for companies that are involved in acquisitions and divestures (A&D) within the energy industry, nwis.net has partnered with Terra Firma Ventures to develop a powerful application that provides a new and efficient approach to A&D work. This powerful application will be of immediate benefit to any major player making acquisitions and divestures of oil and gas properties.




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