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Practice Management for
Professional Services Firms
How many technology firms understand the issues involved with state-of-the-art practice management solutions? Especially solutions for the Professional Services Industry that are scalable from mid-sized firms all the way to global, multi-national enterprises?
nwis.net gained valuable expertise in this industry while working with the Managing Partner of a Big 4 accounting firm to design a "best-of-breed" practice management solution over a three year period.

Our primary mission was to decrease the time it took to get large volumes of critical data into the view of the partners running the practice with the ultimate goal of improving cash flow and profitability.

Partners in Professional Service firms understand providing great service and fulfilling expectations for the client is important, but the lifeblood and critical success factor is tracking time and expenses accurately while speeding up cash flow.

As with all professional service firms, overall businesses profitability is completely dependent on how well it can track, manage and bill the time & expenses from various partners and professional staff. On the surface, managing this data may seem like a straight forward affair. However, if not handled properly, this is where most of the problems begin.

Reports, reports, reports. Whereas a wide range of “Time & Billing” applications already exist in the marketplace, the focus of the efforts nwis.net poured into this industry has been focused on practice management from the view of the global, national, regional and local partners. Each of these partners needs access to different types of information depending on their roles and responsibilities within the firm. For the day-to-day issues involved with running a practice, like daily reports and monitoring progress & activities on specific clients, a granular approach to data is readily available.


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