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Shipping Industry
Some industries have very long and time tested processes which must be both adhered to and expanded upon in the modern business age. The shipping industry is just such an industry since its roots literally go back into antiquity and even most of its primary operating processes are hundreds of years old.

One of the most interesting points about the shipping industry is that often more money and energy is spent on processing the information for cargo than on moving the cargo itself. One of the chief factors for this is the enormous variety of tariff, safety, regulatory and manifest requirements which are placed on every container, pallet or crate.

For example, the seemingly simple act of defining what a piece of cargo is often requires several shipping specialists who can define it for multiple category tariff classifications, which only become more complicated when there are any kind of multiple transshipments involved.

This complexity translates into traditionally large amounts of highly-skilled staff required to guide this process along. Automated data processing solutions within the shipping industry have usually only been within the realm of the largest national or international carriers and systems designed to support them.

nwis.net has years of experience in creating integrated transportation industry solutions for sectors such as ocean freight shipping, intermodal trucking, freight forwarding, trucking logistics, container control, document management, air cargo operations and logistics, and port facility processing. Our expertise within shipping is demonstrated by our track record of results.



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