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Benefits of using Value Engineering (VE)
Some benefits of utilizing Value Engineering include:
1. More clearly defined project scope and goals to enhance project starts.
2. Clearly articulated project objectives and improved communication across disciplines.
3. Better alignment between project team and management through structured facilitation and key planning events, resulting in better support and acceptance.
4. Sufficient allocation of resources in target areas, including a likely reduction in overall capital expenditure and better defined and refined project ROI.
5. Better project control in planning, schedules and logistics.
6. Better visibility of project scope from the beginning of the project, which will allow for better management and control, and limit scope changes during the life of the project.
7. The brainstorming by function and job plan process will allow for better involvement between the entire team and end users, while providing a means to understand and manage ideas selected for consideration.
8. The multi-disciplinary approach provides an ongoing peer review process that will allow for timely feedback, suggestions and corrections.
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